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The activity of the mothers who gave birth in Guojian had physical examination began on 1st Jan. Its the exclusive benefits for the mothers. Anyone who gave birth at Guojian can enjoy such free gynecologye health examination items. Care for ...
Jilin Guojian Economic Development District Maternity Hospital opened on 6th Jan, 2016. Its the second standard obstetrics and gynecology hospital invested by Jilin Guojian Investment Co. Where it is located in the southwest of the intersect...
Guojian Annual Meeting in 2015 Public welfare activities for childbirth rehearsal in Mar, 2015. 3rd Guojian Cup Beautiful Expectant mother was launched on 11th, Apr, 2015. Job Fair was held on 15th, June, 2015. 8th anniversary celebrations w...
Maternal love time was sign on on 15th. Quasi-dad training camp was opened at Changchun University of Science and Technology on 22nd, Feb, 2014. Baby Plan Forum was held on 9th, Mar....
April 12, 2013, the national health cup beautiful pregnant mother contest formally launched, for a month, set up a pregnant mother talent display, let pregnant mother through a perfect pregnancy. In May 12, 2013, national health cup beautifu...
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